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Teaching Farming Animal Science Through Ag Communications

May 15th, 2012

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Today I traveled with Rhodora to an Ag Literacy Coordinators’ Meeting in Bloomington. While there, I got a better idea of just exactly what some of the featured speakers would be covering in statewide Summer Ag Institutes. Additionally, I was given an inside view of agricultural education and the changes that were happening to it.

Many counties feature Summer Ag Institutes for local teachers. It is offered as a three credit hour course in DeKalb County for teachers looking to obtain graduate credit through Northern Illinois University. There would be three weekly, three-hour night sessions in addition to a full week of interactive field trips in June (a total of 40 hours). During the night sessions, speakers would come and present to the teachers about different ways to incorporate agriculture in their classroom. In June, the teachers would have the opportunity to travel to local agricultural businesses to see how different ag businesses worked from the inside.

Overall, it was interesting to go to Bloomington with Rhodora. It gave me an idea of the setting and agenda for meetings like it, as well as a different perspective on ag educators’ jobs. Each county representative clearly had a passion for what they were doing – promoting agriculture to adults and children alike.


Author: livestockliteracy

I am an Animal Science major at the University of Illinois who aspires to work with livestock someday. It is my goal to promote animal agriculture for the general public to understand exactly what comes from food animals, how animal products are created, and how animals are treated.

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