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May 14th, 2012 – My First Day at DCFB

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DeKalb County Farm Bureau

DeKalb County Farm Bureau

I had little time to transition from college to internship, as I began working at DeKalb County Farm Bureau just three days after I took my last final of the Spring 2012 semester. My new boss was eager to meet me and have me start working on projects right away, hence the reason for the quick transition. I will admit, I was somewhat hesitant to start working an internship in which I would be primarily working with people. Throughout my life, I had mostly only worked with animals.

I would be working for Rhodora Collins, the Agricultural Literacy Coordinator for DeKalb County Farm Bureau. When I first met her, she showed me around the Farm Bureau office and introduced me to the people who worked there. Then, we sat down as we worked out exactly which days I would be working, and with what I would be helping her. It was going to be a busy summer – from a Summer Ag Institute for local teachers, to Summer Reading Programs at libraries, I was going to have many opportunities to help Rhodora teach local people about agriculture. I would have many chances to learn about, as well as show my own knowledge regarding animal science and livestock.

Today was mostly a day for figuring out how everything worked in the office. I learned where supplies were, how to work the copy machine, how the filing system worked – the basics.

Part of my work at DCFB was going to be editing and creating videos regarding Farm Bureau events, Ag in the Classroom instruction, and local farmer bios. Because of this, I began trying to get a good feel for the video editing software I would be using. It was clear that much of my time spent at DCFB would be about teaching myself how to be practical, efficient, and patient.

II left the office that day slightly overwhelmed, but very excited. Working at the Farm Bureau was sure to be a unique experience!


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I am an Animal Science major at the University of Illinois who aspires to work with livestock someday. It is my goal to promote animal agriculture for the general public to understand exactly what comes from food animals, how animal products are created, and how animals are treated.

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